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Spirit and Awards

Role Call Video

Roll Call is a video created to highlight your delegation to the rest of the Region. We encourage you to Act, Dance, Sing or anything to show off your delegation spirit! Have FUN!


  • 1:00 minute-1:20 minute Max Per delegation,

  • Must have Closed Caption, if there is dialogue within the video.

  • Must have the delegate name, pronouns, and position on delegation (Advisors, Delegate, NCC, NRHH, President, Etc.)

  • Reflected of the Conference Theme: "Branches of Belonging"

  • Must Include Institution Name

Role Call Examples

Submission Link

Digital Banner 

Banner is a creative virtual format for a delegation to display themselves in a fun and Froggie-Licious way! No Art Skill is needed, and we just recommend you being creative. 

Banner RequirementsL

  • Each conference delegate must participate

  • Must include delegate names and pictures 

  • Must include institution name

  • Must include conference theme

  • No Size Requirement, but recommended 6,900x3400

  • Must submitted in a JPEG or PNG format


Role Call Examples

Submission Link

Dress to Impress Jeremiah

Spirit Days:

Friday, 11/18/22: Institutional Gear from your School

Saturday, 11/19/22: PACURH Colors - Blue, Green, Yellow

Sunday, 11/20/22: PJ's, Onesies, Bed Hair

We also encourage each delegation to add some creativity to your attire (Tutus, Hats, Funny Socks, Gloves, etc.)

Spirit Examples

Clothespin Trading

This is a long standing conference tradition, and we are hoping to revive it for this year's RLC. We encourage each to make a personalized delegation clothespin to trade with the other delegate. In the past, this has been a great way to break the ice, and make a new friend at a conference. 


Delegation has spray painted, colored, or put stickers and or material to personalize their own clothes pin.


Click Here for examples of past clothespin. 


Example of where you can purchase clothespins

RBD Individual Pins

Listed below are the pins awarded during this conference:

  • Certificate of Excellence

  • Golden Frog

  • PACURH Advisor Outstanding Service

  •  President Certificate.

  • Silver Pins

  • Windi Sakai Outstanding Service Pin


Additionally awarded is the Spirit Stick. Spirit Stick is awarded each night of the conference for the most outstanding delegation in the current rankings. It is very competitive so give it your all for spirit!!​

Graduation Stoles

As a way to recognize those PACURH members who have dedicated their time and energy into the region and who plan to graduate in December, we will be offering a PACURH graduation stole! A graduation stole has the same requirements as a PACURH 3 year service pin:

  • Having served your campus, PACURH, or NACURH for at least 3 years.

  • Having attended at least 2 conferences, with one being a PACURH Regional Leadership Conference.

This application will close November 11th 2022 at 11:59pm HST and recipients will be announced at the 2022 Regional Leadership Conference hosted at Saint Martins University. The stoles will be sent to recipients following the conference. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, please list the address you will be living at during the month of March so we can make sure the stoles make it to you before your Graduation Ceremony.


Graduation Stoles

Service Pin

Have you served your campus, PACURH and NACURH for 3 or 4 years? Have you attended at least two conferences, with one of them being a PACURH Regional Conference? If so, you are eligible for a PACURH Service Pin! If approved, you will be announced and recognized and will receive your pin in the mail following the conference. Advisors are welcome to apply!


Please complete this form by 11:59PM HST on Friday, November 11th in order to be eligible to receive a Service Pin. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the ADNRHH, Madison Ray, at


Service Pin Application

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